Personal Comments from Pierre Tassé

Building a website is never an easy undertaking. Having initially started with a 5MB sympatico web space allowance, to a MS Frontpage on a different server and then migrating to MS Expressions and then MS Expresssions 2. Finally, though, I settled on Adobe Dreamweaver and have never regretted it.

You will find (see above) a welcome sign on most pages (there are a few that I had to drop off the template as it would not allow me to manipulate the page....I am sure it is just not know how to do it). The welcome sign will guide you through the website and allow you access to all the information that you use to have at you finger tips. One of the new things that I have been able to do (using MS Visio) is to insert pictures in the genealogical tree. I do not have a lot of pictures of people that are willing to have their picture inserted on their tree, but for the ones that have accepted, and I have the picture, you will find it on their webpage. For example, here is my family tree : click here. (A PDF file will open on your web page). The names in "Red" will hyperlink you to another family tree-either superior or inferior to the one you are looking at. For more information see under "Name Search", go to "Items of Interest" and click on "Family Tree Example".

I hope you enjoy this website and are easily guided. Should errors become apparant as you review the pages, I do hope that you will drop me an email to Pierre Tassé and advise me of these problems. If on the other hand, these pages give you motivation to add or modify your name or family history to this site, all you have to do is submit your information in as much detail as you can (these questions on this page will assist in organizing your thoughts)Form to Submit.

To see the family tree and my personal tree click here

Thank you and enjoy